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12.31.03 - NASA's Year Of Sorrow, Recovery, Progress And Success
Even while mourning the loss of Columbia and the brave STS-107 crew, NASA's workforce began the task of finding the problem, fixing the problem, and preparing to return Space Shuttles to safe flight.
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12.31.03 - Space Station Contract with Boeing Extended
The Boeing Company of Houston will provide delivery, on-orbit acceptance, sustaining engineering and postproduction services.
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12.31.03 - Stardust Entered Comet's Coma
On Jan. 2, the Stardust spacecraft will fly through the halo of dust and gas that surrounds the nucleus of comet Wild 2.
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12.30.03 - NASA's Mars & Comet Mission Coverage
View a schedule of news briefings and access links to NASA television and online coverage of the upcoming Mars rover and Stardust missions.
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12.24.03 - Space Station Crew: Naughty Or Nice?
Astronaut Michael Foale and Russian cosmonaut Alexander Kaleri share holiday plans from the Space Station.
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12.23.03 - Ion Engine Design Passes Test
The ion engines will draw power from an onboard nuclear reactor and propel the orbiter around three of the icy moons.
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12.23.03 - Mars & Comet Mission Coverage
NASA will provide extensive coverage for the upcoming Mars Exploration Rover landings and the Stardust comet flyby mission.
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12.22.03 - Black Soot And Snow: A Warmer Combination
Black soot may account for 25 percent of global warming over the past century -- especially when concentrated on snow and ice.
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12.22.03 - Technology Services Contract Awarded
Science Applications International Corporation will provide information technology services for the Marshall Space Flight Center.
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12.19.03 - United Space Alliance Contract Adjustment
NASA modified the Space Flight Operations Contract to support the Space Shuttle Cockpit Avionics Upgrade.
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12.19.03 - Santa Has Company In The Christmas Sky
From Dec. 23-26, the International Space Station will be visible high overhead cities from New York to Los Angeles.
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12.18.03 - Tests Pave Way For Launch Escape System
Rocket engines and parachutes tests could be instrumental in developing the first spacecraft crew launch escape system.
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12.18.03 - Reptile Distributions In Madagascar
Satellite data helps predict the geographic distribution of 11 known chameleon species.
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12.18.03 - Spitzer Space Telescope
The Space Infrared Telescope is renamed after Dr. Lyman Spitzer Jr., one of the 20th century's most distinguished scientists.
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12.18.03 - Images From New Space Telescope
The first dazzling images were released today from NASA's newly named Spitzer Space Telescope.
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12.17.03 - Mars Emerging From Ice Age?
Information from the Mars Global Surveyor and Odyssey missions provided more evidence of an icy recent past.
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12.16.03 - Einstein Makes Extra Dimensions Toe The Line
Scientists say Albert Einstein's principle of the constancy of the speed of light holds up under extremely tight scrutiny, ruling out theories about a "frothy" fabric of space.
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12.16.03 - Space Station Crew and Students Are "Partners In Flight"
Pre-kindergarten through high-school students and teachers in North Carolina and Ohio will talk with the International Space Station Expedition 8 crew during a NASA educational downlink tomorrow from 9:40 to 10 a.m. EST.
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12.15.03 - Diversity Business Owners Honored NASA named NASA one of the top three government agencies for multicultural business opportunities.
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12.15.03 - Centennial Of Flight Events On NASA TV
Live television coverage from Kitty Hawk, N.C. begins at 9:30 a.m. EST on Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2003.
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