NASA Education Leader Visits Hubble Operations
A man wearing a headset speaks to a smiling woman

Keith Walyus talks about his excitement for the Hubble mission with Dr. Joyce Winterton. Image Credit: NASA

Early Sunday morning, May 17, Dr. Joyce Winterton, Assistant Administrator for Education stopped by the Goddard Space Telescope Operations Control Center, or STOCC, during preparations of spacewalk four of the fourth servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope. Ed Ruitberg, HST Deputy Program Manager escorted Winterton through the STOCC explaining many SM4 details including what a day is like in the STOCC during a servicing mission.

During her visit Winterton was briefed by Keith Walyus, HST SM4 Mission Operations Manager about how well the mission had progressed and preparations for the upcoming spacewalk. "This is historic and probably the last time we get to do this," Walyus said about SM4. "And I am excited to be here."

Before leaving Winterton was briefed by Ruitberg about how a Hubble servicing mission is conducted from the space shuttle. Passing several Hubble images on display Winterton remarked about the unique beauty of a Hubble image. She also thanked Ruitberg for the tremendous efforts of the STOCC teams in support of another exciting NASA mission. "I have always been thrilled with NASA and I am truly fascinated by this mission," Winterton said. "It is an inspiration for all."

Two adults looking at a museum exhibit showing a model of the Hubble Space Telescope

Ed Ruitberg talks with Dr. Winterton about how a Hubble servicing mission is conducted from the space shuttle. Image Credit: NASA

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