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About the Physical Activities

These physical activities, illustrated in the Mission Handouts, utilize the same body parts/systems as astronauts do in training and on missions in space. The activities may be used by individual students or delivered to an audience of students by educators.

Each Mission Handout contains a crew member mission, mission briefing, mission assignment, and mission purpose, plus vocabulary and related NASA facts. Safety guidelines are also provided for a successful completion of each mission! The Mission Handout physical activities can be practiced over time – simultaneously or one per week.

These handouts should be reviewed and understood by the student prior to participation in the physical activity.

Correlated to the National Education Standards, the Mission Handout Educator Guide provides NASA background information and also give hints on delivery of the physical activity to students. Monitoring and assessment questions are included in the guide for use before, during and after the delivery of the physical activities. Additional resources and career links can be accessed as extensions to the Mission Handouts.

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