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Base Station Walk-Back
September 4, 2012


Mission Question:

How could you perform a physical activity that would improve heart, lung, and muscle endurance?

Being physically active is an important way to keep your muscles strong and your heart and lungs healthy. When shopping at the mall, touring a museum, or on the way to and from class at school, the lungs, heart, and other muscles benefit. They get stronger by being worked for long periods of time.


Crew Member Mission:

Students will:

  • perform a walk, progressing to 1600 m (1 mi) to improve lung, heart, and other muscle endurance.
  • record observations about improvements in this walk-back physical endurance experience using their lungs, hearts, and other muscles in their Mission Journal.


Educational Resources

› Mission Handout (PDF)
› Mission Handout en Español (PDF)
› Adapted Physical Activity Strategies Handout (PDF)
› Educator Guide (PDF)
› Mission Journal instructions (PDF)
› Mission Journal instructions en Español (PDF)

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NASA astronauts Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger and Kjell Lindgren explain why astronauts need to build up their endurance for long spacewalks. Astronaut trainer Yamil Garcia shows how to measure out a course and gradually increase the distance you run, jog or walk until you can complete it.
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These "mission assignments" for students, available in English and Spanish, give detailed instructions for each activity as well as more advanced challenges, related NASA facts and safety guidelines. Educator Guides offer lesson plans, background information, and instructional procedures.
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