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Do a Spacewalk!
September 4, 2012



Mission Question:

How could you perform a physical activity that would improve increase muscular strength, as well as improve upper and lower body coordination?

Many activities require strength to support weight, and coordination to support weight and move without falling over. When riding a skateboard, doing push-ups, crawling across the ground, or lifting a backpack, you are developing muscular strength and coordination.

Crew Member Mission:

Students will:

  • perform the "bear crawl" and "crab walk" to increase muscular strength and improve upper and lower body coordination.
  • record observations about improvements in muscular strength and upper and lower body coordination during this physical experience in their Mission Journal.


Educational Resources

› Mission Handout (PDF)
› Mission Handout en Español (PDF)
› Adapted Physical Activity Strategies Handout (PDF)
› Educator Guide (PDF)
› Mission Journal instructions (PDF)
› Mission Journal instructions en Español (PDF)

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NASA astronauts explain why muscular strength and coordination are needed to successfully pull and push objects during a spacewalk, and an astronaut trainer shows how to set up the course and correctly perform the two movements in this activity.
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A cartoon fit explorer exercises
These "mission assignments" for students, available in English and Spanish, give detailed instructions for each activity as well as more advanced challenges, related NASA facts and safety guidelines. Educator Guides offer lesson plans, background information, and instructional procedures.
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