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Mission: Control!
September 4, 2012

Mission Question:

How could you perform a physical activity that would improve balance and spatial awareness?

All people need to have well-developed balance and spatial awareness. If not, we would all fall over constantly and have trouble walking around corners. Seeing our surroundings and being able to move around them is important so we do not bump into things and get hurt.

When participating in athletics, especially sports such as dancing, skateboarding, bowling, diving, and skiing, balance and spatial awareness are very important. Even jumping on a trampoline or riding a bicycle requires both!


Crew Member Mission:

Students will:

  • perform throwing and catching techniques on one foot to improve balance and spatial awareness.
  • record observations about improvements in balance and spatial awareness during this physical experience in their Mission Journal.


Educational Resources

› Mission Handout (PDF)
› Mission Handout en Español (PDF)
› Adapted Physical Activity Strategies Handout (PDF)
› Educator Guide (PDF)
› Mission Journal instructions (PDF)
› Mission Journal instructions en Español (PDF)

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NASA astronauts share an activity that helps you improve your balance and spatial awareness. An astronaut trainer demonstrates how to set up and run the physical activity.
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A cartoon fit explorer exercises
These "mission assignments" for students, available in English and Spanish, give detailed instructions for each activity as well as more advanced challenges, related NASA facts and safety guidelines. Educator Guides offer lesson plans, background information, and instructional procedures.
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