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Jump for the Moon
September 4, 2012

Mission Question:

How could you perform a physical activity that would increase bone strength, as well as heart and other muscle endurance?

Stronger bones allow you to run, jump, work and play with less chance of injury. A stronger heart and more muscular endurance will allow you to be physically active for a much longer time! You improve bone strength and heart and muscle endurance when repeatedly hopping on one leg, jumping rope or jumping to rebound a basketball.


Crew Member Mission:

Students will:

  • perform jump training with a rope, both while stationary and moving, to increase bone strength and to improve heart and muscle endurance.
  • record observations about improvements in stationary and moving jump training during this physical experience in their Mission Journal.


Educational Resources

› Mission Handout (PDF)
› Mission Handout en Español (PDF)
› Adapted Physical Activity Strategies Handout (PDF)
› Educator Guide (PDF)
› Mission Journal instructions (PDF)
› Mission Journal instructions en Español (PDF)

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NASA astronauts describe the importance of strong bones and muscle endurance for human spaceflight, while astronaut trainer Yamil Garcia explains how to run the "Jump for the Moon" activity.
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A cartoon fit explorer jumps
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