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NASA CONNECT™: "Virtual Earth" (2003-2004)
February 22, 2012
Target: Grades 6-8

Length: 30 minutes

In NASA CONNECT™: Virtual Earth, students will be introduced to Earth system science. They will learn what a system is and how to apply the concept of systems to learn more about how the Earth functions. Students will understand the only way to really comprehend the workings of our planet is to look at the Earth as a whole system. They will also focus on Earth science applications of national priority to expand and accelerate the use of knowledge, science and technologies resulting from missions of improving predictions in weather, climate and natural hazards. By conducting inquiry-based hands-on and web activities, students will make connections between NASA research and the mathematics, science and technology they learn in their classrooms.

This program was first broadcast on NASA TV Education File Schedule October 16, 2003.

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