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THAT NASA SHOW - Program 1: "Tortillas in Space"
February 3, 2012

Target: Grades 3-8

Length: 26 minutes

"That NASA Show," a light look into the serious subjects surrounding America's space program. If you want to know more about flying tortillas in space, designing space garments that are functional but also 'fashionable' and building a better burger, watch "That NASA Show". It's a TV show that fills in the spaces.

Have you ever considered playing Frisbee with your food? Come aboard the Tortillas in Space episode of "That NASA Show" and see for yourself how the fine art of tortilla tossing in microgravity has been perfected. Your appetite will be stimulated and you'll learn that space food is more than the average tube of puree. Hosted by NASA Engineer Phil West, guests include Space Food Scientist Vickie Kloeris, Space Farmer John Gruener and Astronaut Bill McArthur.

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