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NASA CONNECT™: "Proportionality: Modeling the Future"
February 22, 2012
Target: Grades 4-8

Length: 30 minutes


Patterns, measurement, ratios and proportions are used everyday in the research, development and production of airplanes. In this episode of NASA CONNECT™, students will learn how the Wright Brothers used mathematics and ratios to test and design their gliders; understand the growth of transportation since the Wright Brothers and its mathematical pattern; and explore a special pattern of numbers called the Fibonacci sequence. Students will also learn how NASA engineers are using ratios and proportions in the development and testing of small aircraft transportation systems and how these aircraft will affect the future of transportation. In the student activity, students will discover how ratios and proportions are present in everyday objects and their own bodies. Students will use the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Ratio as the basis of discovery.

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