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Passport to the Universe - Program 1: "Live From a Black Hole" (2001)
November 27, 2007

Target: Grades 6-10

Length: 59 minutes 29 seconds

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Black holes-places where gravity is so extreme that not even light can escape! After centuries of speculation, we've now seen convincing evidence of black holes a few times the mass of our sun and some a million or even a billion times the mass of the sun, lurking at the center of our and other galaxies. This introductory program shows how NASA's CHANDRA and other missions and observatories use X-ray astronomy to reveal some of the most exotic and extreme phenomena in the universe. Sequences such as THE LIFE AND DEATH OF STARS relates mass, color and temperature of stars to key scientific principles found in every space and physical science curriculum. We see how high school students using CHANDRA data discovered a pulsar in a supernova remnant, and won the $100,000 Siemens Westinghouse Science and Technology competition. And we go behind the scenes, into clean rooms and workshops, to see the long years of effort and technical ingenuity it took to build Earth's most powerful X-ray telescope, and meet the enthusiastic young men and women who created CHANDRA and keep it operating.

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