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NASA - "Introduction to High-Altitude Ballooning", Summer 2003 Edition
November 27, 2007

Target: Grades 9-Adult

Length: 17 minutes 2 seconds


Presented by Arizona Near Space Research, from lift off through touch down, learn what is required to prepare, launch and recover a system that will fly 20 miles above of the surface of the earth. The goal of ANSR is to promote science and education through high altitude balloons and amateur radio. Learn how to use a latex weather balloon inflated with Helium to ascend to over 100,000'. Fly standard payloads tofocus on the scientific aspects of a flight. Track the payloads during flight, provide maps through the Internet and predict their landing location in real-time. Learn about the Earth's atmosphere and how the payloads handle the effects of extremes in temperature, pressure and winds. Learn how educational youth groups, high school or college classes can participate.


This program was first broadcast on NASA TV Education File Schedule December 29, 2003.

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