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NASA eClips™: Advanced Equipment to Use on the Moon
January 31, 2012
Target: Grades 9-12

Length: 6 minutes 5 seconds

NASA eClips™: Launchpad
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NASA is testing potential equipment that could be used on missions to the moon. Moses Lake, Wash., the site for the tests, has a surface similar to that of the moon. This segment introduces two advanced pieces of equipment that NASA is developing: the All Terrain Hex-Legged Extra Terrestrial Explorer, or ATHLETE, and the Chariot. ATHLETE is a rover with six wheels that will be able to transport up to 450 kg of cargo at a rate of 10 km/h. The Chariot, the new moonbuggy, is powered by two motors with 12 wheels that can pivot in all directions at the speed of 24 km/h.

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