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NASA's Destination Tomorrow™: Program 4 (2000 - 2001)
February 22, 2012

Target: Grades 9-Adult

Length: 28 minutes 30 seconds


"NASA's Destination Tomorrow™: Bringing the Future into Focus" is designed for educators, parents and lifelong learners by NASA Langley's Office of Education. This educational, informative program builds on the premise that much of NASA's aeronautical research focuses on creating today's knowledge to solve tomorrow's problems.

Program 4 consists of five exciting segments. In the "Behind the Scenes" segment, viewers will learn how the Hyper-X program is developing new hypersonic vehicles; in the "Tech Watch" segment, viewers will learn about the many applications of composite materials; viewers meet Francis Rogallo, inventor of the modern hang glider as part of the "Retrospective" segment; viewers see how NASA researchers test aircraft and Space Shuttle tires in the "On the Runway" segment; and viewers find out how Wind Tunnels work on the "How it Works" segment.

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