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NASA's Destination Tomorrow™: Program 18 (2004-2005)
February 22, 2012

Target: Grades 9-Adult

Length: 28 minutes 30 seconds

"NASA's Destination Tomorrow™: Bringing the Future into Focus" is designed for educators, parents and lifelong learners by NASA Langley's Office of Education. This educational, informative program builds on the premise that much of NASA's aeronautical research focuses on creating today's knowledge to solve tomorrow's problems.

Program 18 consists of three exciting segments. In this special edition of NASA's Destination Tomorrow™ we will talk about NASA's new plan for space exploration. In the "Behind the Scenes" segment, viewers will learn about robotic missions that will lead the way for crewed missions to other worlds; in the "Tech Watch" segment, viewers gain insight into some of the challenges of traveling to other worlds; and viewers find out what some of the challenges will be for our astronauts to actually live and work on other worlds during the "How it Works" segment.


This program was first broadcast on NASA TV Education File Schedule April 20, 2005.

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