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NASA SCIence Files™: "The Case of the Mysterious Red Light" (2001-2002)
November 20, 2007

Target: Grades 3-5

Length: 60 minutes


"The Case of the Mysterious Red Light"

Have you ever seen an unusually bright red sunrise or sunset and wondered why? That's exactly what happens in the "The Case of the Mysterious Red Light" as the tree house detectives accept the challenge of trying to find the source of the red light. As they investigate the problem, they learn about light, volcanos and weather patterns from community experts and NASA researchers. The tree house detectives also get a little help from the famous magician, Franz Hararry who helps them to understand that "seeing is not always believing!" The tree house detectives "dust off" their thinking caps and realize that this case may "erupt" before their very eyes.


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