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NASA SCIence Files™: "The Case of the Disappearing Dirt" (2003-2004)
November 20, 2007

Target: Grades 3-5

Length: 60 minutes


Summer fun suffers a setback when the tree house detectives discover that their favorite spot on the beach is shrinking. It is "match, set, point" as the detectives dig in and learn all about erosion, rocks and natural preservation. Come join the tree house detectives as they visit NASA Johnson Space Center to learn about plate tectonics, the rock cycle and Moon rocks. Next its off to Alaska to learn about mountain building and the forces of weathering and erosion. You won't want to miss this episode of the NASA SCI Files™ as the detectives find out that their beach is a pretty "hot spot."


This program was first broadcast on NASA TV Education File Schedule January 16, 2004.

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