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Exploring Mars 'Extra'
MER robot
Bring the Mystery of the Red Planet into Your Classroom
In January, twin identical rovers will arrive at Mars to explore two diverse areas of the planet.  From January 20 through January 23, NASA is taking a closer look at the mysterious Red Planet, by showcasing videos about Mars on NASA TV.

NASA TV Education Schedule
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This "Extra" feature highlights printed educational products, multimedia, and assorted other materials and Web sites we hope will encourage your students to experience the excitement and discoveries of planet exploration!

NASA Educational Products

Collage of Exploring Mars Products
NASA Educational Products are Available Online
Design a Mission to Mars... and Beyond! (5-12)
This resource guide provides background information and learning activities to help students participate in the NASA Student Involvement Program (NSIP) competition. The deadline for this competition is January 31, 2004.
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Mars Lithograph (K-12)
A lithograph of the planet Mars shown with its northern polar cap and Valles Marineris. Also featured are topography maps from the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter and high resolution images of gullies taken by Mars Global Surveyor.
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Is There Water on Mars? (9-12)
This educator guide has seven activities that can be done in the classroom that will help students deduce whether there is water on Mars.
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NASA Educational Multimedia Materials

Picture of CD, tape, slides and guides
NASA Develops Multimedia Resources for Educators
Visit the Central Operation of Resources for Educators (CORE) which serves as the worldwide distribution center for NASA-produced multimedia materials. CORE offers "Education Modules" which are bundled by topic and may include CD-ROMs, videotapes, educator guides, posters, lithographs, books, lesson plans, bookmarks, fact sheets, slide sets, and activity kits.

CORE has the Mars Module related to this theme. For additional materials related to Exploring Mars click on "Search Catalog" and enter the keyword Mars.
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Online Educational Activities

Artist drawing of kid creating a scale model
Mars Exploration Activities (4-12) - Students can make scale models of the solar system or investigate craters and patterns of flowing water on other planets.
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twirling planets
Those Whirling, Twirling Planets (K-4) - Students will learn the names, order, diameters, and simple characteristics of the planets.
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Cool Sites & Hot Activities

rover on mars

Drive a Rover! - Try your hand at driving rovers the way NASA does - one command sequence a day.
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Mars & Earth Compared

Destination Mars - An educational Mars demonstration teaching about the planet as well as the exploration mission in progress.
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Go on a Mars Adventure! - Create your own mission to Mars. Load your rocket ship with all your favorite supplies. But be careful! You're only allowed to take 10 items. Choose well, and you'll score high. Play it once, and play it again. It's different every time.
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Ranch ROVer
Rover Ranch - Learn about the development of robots, their elements and systems, and use a 3D VRML simulation to build and run your own robot.
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Mars Lander
Mars Lander - Play the Observatorium's version of the old video game "Lunar Lander."
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Imagine Mars Project Creative Ideas
Imagine Mars - What would life be like if Mars were your home? This national art, science and technology education initiative challenges students to first imagine and then design a livable community for people on Mars.
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computer with animated speakers and keyboard
Interact with NASA!
Videos / Webcasts / Interactive

Where Are They Now? -  These simulated images show current spacecraft and where they are now relative to Mars.
Mars Odyssey
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Mars Global Surveyor
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A Virtual Space Adventure -  The "Solar System Experience" is a multimedia feature that allows you to ride along with three of NASA's most exciting robotic missions or build your own exploratory spacecraft.
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Bouncing to Mars - Inside story of MER's efforts both to get to Mars and land safely, and do breakthrough science.
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MER Animation Gallery - Watch simulations and videos of the Mars Exploration Rover Mission.
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Virtual Mars - Get an up close look at places on Mars by clicking on a hot spot.
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Towards Mars Movie - Computer animation shows how astronauts as well as robots might be sent to Mars.
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The Orbit of Mars - Watch as Mars moves near Earth in this animation.
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Landing Sites for the Mars Exploration Rovers - Find out where the identical rovers will arrive at Mars to explore two diverse areas of the planet.
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Exploring Earth to Prepare for Mars - Learn about the similarities between Earth and Mars, the fascinating region of the Rio Tinto, Spain, and testing planetary robots.
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Aerial Regional-scale Environmental Survey of Mars - Check out the artist's concept of the ARES Mars airplane with videos and animations depicting the airplane in flight over Mars.
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Videos showcased in the January 2004 Education File Schedule to support Exploring Mars are: The First Look; Bouncing to Mars; Eyes Over Mars; Water Below the Surface of Mars; and Countdown to Mars. Videos are available from the Central Operation of Resources for Educators (CORE).
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Additional Resources

NASA Space Science Enterprise

Mars Exploration Rover Mission (Current Mission)

Mars Global Surveyor (Current Mission)

Mars Odyssey (Current Mission)

Mars Fun Zone

MarsQuest Exhibition Project

Mars Today

Latest Images from Mars

Quest Planetary Flight

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