August 2007 -- First Spaceflight of an Educator Astronaut Extra
STS-118 crew standing in front of a space shuttle
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Image to right: STS-118 is heading to space on August 7, 2007. Credit: NASA

As the first Educator Astronaut launches into orbit, NASA's mission for education aims to inspire, engage and educate the nation's future workforce. Currently scheduled for August 8, 2007, the STS-118 crew will launch into space to continue the task of assembling the International Space Station. In addition to adding components to the ISS, it will be the first spaceflight of an Educator Astronaut, mission specialist Barbara Morgan. Morgan is an educator and a fully qualified astronaut. With their expertise in K-12 education, Educator Astronauts will help NASA connect space exploration with the classroom and to inspire the next generation of explorers.

STS-118 Education Resources
Browse NASA's STS-118 educational resource pages for materials and information that educators can use for instructional purposes. Educational content includes scientific information, interactive features, games, classroom challenges, events, lesson plans and activities, and images. There's also a special section with articles about the ground crew that supports space shuttle missions and other careers at NASA.

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Monthly Topics on NASA Educational Television
The NASA Television Education File segment broadcasts NASA-produced programs specifically designed for students and teachers. From physical fitness to linear equations -- the Education File is filled with shows to inspire, engage and educate your students.

Television shows related to this month's topic are scheduled during the week of August 13-19. Titles and audience levels are listed on the August Educational TV Schedule. Descriptions of the shows are available by clicking on the show titles.

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NASA Educational Multimedia Materials
The Central Operation of Resources for Educators, or CORE, is the worldwide distribution center for NASA-produced multimedia materials. Programs related to each month's topic listed on the NASA Educational TV schedule are available for purchase.

Image to right: NASA develops multimedia resources for educators.

CORE offers Education Modules that are bundled by topic and may include DVDs, CD-ROMs, videotapes, educator guides, posters, lithographs, books, lesson plans, bookmarks, fact sheets, slide sets and activity kits.

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