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 Balloon Staging -- Grades 5-12
This activity demonstrates multistage rockets using balloons; then it has students engineer their own designs for multistage rockets.
 Brief History of Rockets
This brief history outlines how today's rockets are natural outgrowths of thousands of years of experimentation and research on rockets and rocket propulsion.
 Launch Time -- Grades Pre-K-2
Students launch paper rockets and graph the distances the rockets travel.
 Launch Vehicle Family Album
This "family photo album" of NASA launch vehicles contains samples of historic rockets, modern rockets and concept designs.
 Lunar Module in Space -- Grades 5-12
View the launch of Apollo 11 and watch as the command and lunar modules dock shortly after leaving Earth orbit for the moon.
 Paper Rockets -- Grades K-8
This lesson plan includes an activity in which students experiment with rocket length and fin shape to construct and test small rockets made of paper.
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 Practical Rocketry
Modern rockets are more efficient than the rockets of old because of increased understanding of the scientific principles behind rocketry.
 Project X-35 -- Grades 5-12
Demonstrate rocketry principles through a cooperative problem-solving simulation.
 Rocket Principles
Newton's Laws of Motion form the basic principles of rocketry.
 Rockets Educator Guide
Teach the history, scientific principles and mathematics of rockets using these activities and lesson plans.
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 Speed It Up Activity -- Grades 3-5
This lesson simulates how different propellant systems affect the velocity, or speed, of a rocket by measuring the height the rocket is launched.
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