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 3... 2... 1... Liftoff! Educator Guide -- Grades Pre-K-2
These activities are about the International Space Station and the role rockets play in its construction.
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 757 Glider Kit -- Grades 5-12
Use these problem solving challenges and build a paper model of a 757 glider.
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 Destination: Station -- Grades Pre-K-2
Students identify the International Space Station and different types of rockets as objects in the sky built by humans.
 Distance to the Moon -- Grades 4-12
Students calculate the distance between scale models of Earth and the moon.
 Exploring the Extreme Educator Guide
Teach the basics of aeronautics through hands-on involvement, prediction, data collections and interpretation.
 Exploring the Moon Educator Guide -- Grades 4-12
These activities explore features of the moon and discoveries from the days of the Apollo missions.
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 Good Enough to Eat -- Grades Pre-K-2
Students construct an edible model of the space shuttle and demonstrate a launch sequence.
 Learning to Fly: The Wright Brothers' Adventure
This educator guide has information about Wilbur and Orville Wright and activities for building gliders.
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 Life Support Systems -- Grades 4-12
In this activity, students design and build models of life support systems for a settlement on the moon.
 Paper Helicopter Plans -- Grades K-8
Students can build a simple rotor motor with these plans.
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 Rockets Educator Guide
Teach the history, scientific principles and mathematics of rockets using these activities and lesson plans.
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 Space Shuttle Glider -- Grades 5-12
This is a NASA hands-on activity for building a paper model of the space shuttle.
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 Station Information -- Grades Pre-K-2
Students share and evaluate their knowledge of the International Space Station in this activity.
 The Wright Way: Innovation Through Engineering Poster
Encourage students to learn about the history of aviation and aerospace.
 X1 Paper Glider Kit -- Grades 5-12
Investigate the basics of flight by constructing this paper model of the first supersonic aircraft.
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