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 Did you know that NASA found water on Mars? -- Grades 3-5
The Mars Odyssey spacecraft found evidence of water ice on the Red Planet.
 Did you know that Mars is a record-breaking planet? -- Grades 3-5
Mars holds the record for the highest peak and the deepest canyon known in the solar system.
 Follow the Water Lesson -- Grades 6-8
This lesson will help your students answer questions about water's location and importance to life.
 Is There Water on Mars? Educator Guide
Investigations in this guide explore the question of whether there is water on Mars.
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 Is water important for all living things? -- Grades 3-5
Scientists think that finding water is the key to finding life.
 Let's Investigate Mars Activity -- Grades 3-5
This lesson challenges students to develop an original, collaborative, inquiry investigation based on recent Mars robotic investigations.
 Mars and Earth: Science Learning Activities for Afterschool
Explore Mars and the Earth using these activities adapted for afterschool programs with elementary-aged students.
 Mars Lithograph
Pictures and information about Mars can be found on this lithograph.
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 Mars -- The Red Planet Poster -- Grades K-12
The journey to Mars begins in the classroom.
 Planetary Geology Educator Guide
Study geologic processes using the activities in this guide from NASA.
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 Roving on Mars -- Grades K-4
Students develop computer mouse skills to move a rover through a maze.
 Where can NASA find water on Mars? -- Grades 3-5
The mission of the Phoenix Mars Lander is to explore near the Martian north pole.
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