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 Apollo Landing Sites -- Grades 4-12
In this activity, students learn about the locations and geology of the six Apollo landing sites.
 Clay Lava Flows -- Grades 4-12
In this activity, students will use clay to simulate surface lava flows.
 Did you know astronauts study sand in space? -- Grades 3-5
Watching the movement of sand in space helps scientists understand how soil moves on Earth during an earthquake.
 Differentiation -- Grades 4-12
In this activity, students will use common household objects to discover how minerals separate from each other in a magma ocean.
 Exploring the Moon Educator Guide -- Grades 4-12
These activities explore features of the moon and discoveries from the days of the Apollo missions.
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 Impact Craters -- Grades 4-12
In this activity, students will simulate meteorites crashing into the surface of the moon to determine the factors affecting the appearance of impact craters and ejecta.
 Lava Layering -- Grades 4-12
In this activity, students learn about the stratigraphy, or rock layering, of lava flows produced by multiple eruptions.
 Lunar Land Use -- Grades 4-12
In this activity, students design a settlement on the moon that is suitable, feasible and beneficial.
 Lunar Surface -- Grades 4-12
In this activity, students make a model of the moon's surface and consider the geologic processes and rocks of each area.
 Making Regolith Activity -- Grades 3-5
In this lesson, students create and observe simulated regolith.
 Meteors and Meteorites Lithograph
Pictures and information about meteors and meteorites can be found on this lithograph.
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 Moon Anomalies -- Grades 4-12
In this activity, students will prepare written and oral presentations to debate one of four inconsistencies of the moon.
 Moon Mining Activity -- Grades 3-5
This lesson simulates the locating and the mining of ilmenite for oxygen on the moon.
 Planetary Geology Educator Guide
Study geologic processes using the activities in this guide from NASA.
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 Reaping Rocks -- Grades 4-12
In this Earth science lesson, students classify rocks from their neighborhoods to predict the origins of moon rocks.
 Regolith Formation -- Grades 4-12
In this activity, students compare the process of regolith formation on Earth and on the moon.
 Settlement Lesson -- Grades 6-8
This lesson will help your students answer the question: How do an area's location, soil and weather affect settlement?
 The Lunar Disk -- Grades 4-12
Use a lunar sample disk, which educators can borrow from NASA, to bring pieces of the moon into the classroom.
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