Do-It-Yourself Podcast

Introducing NASA’s Do-It-Yourself Podcasts. Your students can preview and download the clips to build their own podcast or similar audio/video project using NASA video, audio and images. NASA provides a set of audio and video clips along with photos and information about a space-related topic. You and your students choose as many items as you want to include in your project and download them to your computer. Students use the information or conduct their own research to write a script for an audio or video production.

Use a camcorder, digital audio recorder or computer, to record your narration and any other scenes or interviews that you want to include. Mix and mash your recording with the NASA clips you download, and edit your production. You can share your show in whatever ways you choose, including podcasts, social networks, video sharing sites, blogs, and school Web sites.

The possibilities are endless and you can get started right away!

> http://www.nasa.gov/education/diypodcast