NASA Engineering Design Challenge
Anderson looking at a plant growth chamber

Watch as Clay Anderson talks about growing plants on the space station during Expedition 15 and asks students to get involved. Image Credit: NASA
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Everybody enjoys fresh food, and space explorers are no exception. Since astronauts can’t take enough fresh food to last for a long duration mission, plant growth will be an important part of future exploration. Scientists are trying to figure out how to grow food in the lunar environment, and they would like your student’s help.

NASA and the International Technology Association, or ITEA, invite you and your students to participate in the NASA Engineering Design Challenge: Lunar Plant Growth Chamber. Elementary, middle and high school students design, build and evaluate lunar plant growth chambers -- while engaging in research-based learning. Students learn the engineering design process and how to conduct a scientific experiment.

Lots of great education resources, including K-12 lessons plans are available at http://www.nasa.gov/education/plantchallenge

To find out more about all of NASA’s engineering design challenges, go to http://edc.nasa.gov  →.