International Space Station EarthKAM
Do you want to provide your students with the ultimate photo op? The International Space Station EarthKAM brings education out of textbooks and into real life. By integrating Earth images with inquiry-based learning, International Space Station EarthKAM offers middle school students and educators the opportunity to participate in a space mission and develop teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills as they prepare for and participate in an International Space Station EarthKAM mission.

EarthKAM enables thousands of students to photograph and examine Earth from the unique perspective of space. Using the International Space Station EarthKAM Web pages, students control a special digital camera mounted in a window on the International Space Station. From this window, students are able to photograph a wide range of beautiful and fascinating features on the surface of Earth.

Long after the photographs are taken, students and educators reap the benefits! The archived images are used in conjunction with curriculum plans for studies in physics, technology, geography, math, Earth science, biology, art, history, cultural studies and more!

To introduce your middle school students to a whole new way of looking at their world, sign up for an EarthKAM mission at http://www.earthkam.ucsd.edu/   → .

Are you tired of using textbook photographs to teach? Archived EarthKAM images are available for use in the classroom. Check out the extensive EarthKAM database at http://www.earthkam.ucsd.edu/public/images/index.shtml   → .