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A stack of books NASA Science, For Educators  →
This site offers resources to engage educators' imagination and excite students about science and exploration.

An artist's drawing of a man in a flight jacket with airplanes in the background NASA Aeronautics, Education   →
Find classroom resources and educator guides, and identify student design competitions.

Tools, Plan a Flight Mission

An airplane in flight Track UAVSAR Flight  →
Track the UAVSAR flight on the Gulfstream III within U.S. airspace in real time. If the G3 is not in flight, the website will indicate the last known position.

A man wearing earphones sits in front of a monitor JPL Online Flight Planning Tool for Teachers and Students  →
Design a flight plan for Earthquake Monitoring Challenge; create a plan that includes a takeoff airport, landing airport, and minimum of three data take lines. Follow directions to generate and print a flight plan report that includes a summary, terrain and hybrid map views, and a configuration file.

Career Corner

Educate your students about potential career pathways in flight projects at NASA, and learn about the roles scientists and engineers play in G-III UAVSAR flight missions.

› Career Profiles

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