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Troy Asher Troy Asher -- Research Test Pilot
Pilot Troy Asher is one of two pilots on the G-III who fly the aircraft and maneuver it in such a way so the radar is in the exact position it needs to take precise measurements. The airplane and radar have been used to map fault lines in California, measure the thickness and movement of glaciers at the North Pole, and even to search for archaeological ruins in Central America.

Roger Chao Roger Chao -- Radar Instrument Engineer
Radar (UAVSAR) engineer Roger Chao operates the radar on board the G-III. The radar acquires airborne data over repeat flight tracks to measure deformation in the earth’s surface.

Bruce Chapman Bruce Chapman -- Science Investigator
Science investigator Bruce Chapman, Ph.D., decides where the plane should fly to meet its science objective and supports development of the flight plan.

Michelle Haupt Michelle Haupt -- Flight Operations Engineer
Flight operations engineer Michelle Haupt operates the Platform Precision Autopilot, or PPA, system, which keeps the aircraft flying within a 10-meter tube down the flight track. Other responsibilities include calculating weight and balance of the aircraft and monitoring the aircraft’s flight performance in the "tube."

Tim Moes Tim Moes -- Project Manager
Project manager Tim Moes manages the aircraft and its development and missions. This task includes ensuring adequate funding and systems development for successful, safe and efficient operations.

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