Educational Spacewalk Simulations STS-125

    Welcome to the Educational Spacewalk Simulations Web site. The shuttle mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope required the STS-125 astronaut crew to perform multiple spacewalks, also known as extravehicular activities, or EVAs. The repairs will extend the life of the telescope until 2020.

    The simulation can be downloaded and used on PC platforms. The software lets users experience one of three spacewalks and select different camera views as astronauts perform tasks to replace parts of the telescope. The simulation is currently a Public Beta.

    To download the simulation, click the download link on the right and proceed through the installation as instructed. Once the installation is complete, the simulation can be launched by accessing the Launch ESS-STS125 icon on your computer or by accessing the Digital Spaces program under "Programs" in the Windows Start menu.

    There is also a Text Description of the simulation.

    A student worksheet and answer key are available to go with the simulation to help students learn more about the servicing mission.

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