Spacesuit and Spacewalk History Image Gallery

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Spacesuit and Spacewalk History Image Gallery

Spacesuits have been around for more than forty years. Since the early days of the space program, spacesuits have been an integral part of spaceflight. Learn more about how spacesuits function and how they have evolved over time. Take a stroll down memory lane, with an eye focused on the future. From the Mercury program to the International Space Station, from the space station to the moon, and from the moon to Mars, spacesuits have and will continue to have an important role in human space exploration.

The Mercury Seven astronauts wearing silver-colored spacesuitsNASA introduced the Project Mercury Astronauts to the world on April 9, 1959. They were also referred to as the Mercury 7 Astronauts. Image Credit: NASA      ›  Mercury Spacesuits

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