Spacesuits and Spacewalks -- Career Corner

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Spacesuits and Spacewalks -- Career Corner

Read about the people who teach astronauts how to wear and work in spacesuits; meet suit designers, technicians and engineers; and learn more about people who work behind the scenes of spacewalks.

Spacesuits and Spacewalks -- Career Profiles

George Brittingham George Brittingham, Insertion Technician
When astronauts board the space shuttle to leave Earth, George Brittingham is there to say goodbye.

Carek standing next to a spacesuit under a tent in the desert David Carek, Spacesuit Engineer
Spacesuits consist of many different parts, all of which must work together.

Carrington standing near an EVA spacesuit Tom Carrington, Spacesuit Safety
When astronauts return to the moon, their spacesuits will have to protect them from the harsh lunar environment.

Rex Walheim, Raymond Cuevas and Steve Smith Raymond Cuevas, Suit Technician
What happens to a spacesuit when it's not in space? Spacesuit technicians keep the suits ready to fly.

Gast wearing a spacesuit underwater Matthew Gast, EVA Trainer
From beginning to end, Matthew Gast prepares astronauts for walking in space.

Tamra George floats inside an airplane during a microgravity flight Tamra George, Hardware Manager
Having the right tool for the job is important when working in space.

Homan setting up a virtual reality device on Behnken's head David Homan, Virtual Reality Lab Manager
Practicing spacewalks in a realistic virtual environment prepares astronauts for the real thing.

Sharon McDougle Sharon McDougle, Spacesuit Team Manager
When astronauts are launched into space, it's important they are dressed right. The Crew Escape Equipment team makes sure they are.

Heather Paul in a spacesuit From Intern to Aerospace Technician: Heather Paul
Find out how this intern went from student to full-time NASA employee.

Amy Ross Amy Ross, Spacesuit Designer
An astronaut daughter and engineer designs gear for current and future missions.

Sabrina Singh putting on a white spacesuit Sabrina Singh, Astronaut Trainer
Former NASA co-op student Sabrina Singh helps astronauts learn to use their high-tech spacesuits.

Jonnie Yaptengco gives two thumbs up as she is fitted for a spacesuit Jonnie Yaptengco, Astronaut Trainer-In-Training
Spacesuit trainers must be students before they can become teachers.

Astronauts/Space Explorers

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Careers @ NASA

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This resource page provides links to information about the many opportunities available to students, along with information about a variety of NASA careers.

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