Space Habitats

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Space Habitats

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Content in this section supports the understanding of ecosystems involving living organisms and the nonliving physical environment. Find references about habitats designed to support life on long-duration space travel.

Lesson Plans

Cleaning Water Activity (Grades 3-5)
This lesson challenges students to create and test a water filtering system.

Life Support Systems (Grades 4-12)
In this activity, students design and build models of life support systems for a settlement on the moon.

Field Trip to the Moon Educator Guide (Grades 5-8)
The Field Trip to the Moon Educator Guide calls for students to use an inquiry-based learning approach to develop an understanding of complex systems as they work in teams to design a self-sufficient lunar station.

Waste Limitation Management and Recycling Design Challenge Educator Guide (Grades 5-8 and Informal)
The WLMR Design Challenge educator guide is a starting point for middle school students to research and answer the challenging questions of how to maintain human habitations on the moon and other planets in the solar system.

Lunar Nautics: Designing a Mission to Live and Work on the Moon Educator Guide (Grades 6-8 and Informal)
Students will design, test, analyze and manage a space mission from initial concept to project funding while using this set of hands-on activities.

Exploration: Then and Now -- Human Needs Lesson (Grades 6-8)
This lesson will help your students answer questions about how people adapt to and meet their needs in new environments.


NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations
Learn more about the purpose of the NEEMO and the Aquarius underwater habitats, and find out how NASA uses this extreme environment for training and testing.

Did you know NASA astronauts recycle water in space?
Nature recycles water through the water cycle. In space, NASA uses a water recycling system.

NASA Now -- The Future of Robotic Exploration
Meet Fernando Zumbado, a NASA robotics systems engineer, as he explains how the robotic Multi-Mission Space Exploration Vehicle is designed to adapt to its environment.



Moonbase Alpha: 3-D Immersive NASA Exploration Game (All Ages)
Assume the exciting role of an astronaut working to further human expansion and research. Your mission is to restore critical systems after a meteor strike cripples life support equipment.


Related Sites

NASA Extreme Environmental Mission Operations
NEEMO is a NASA analog or training mission that sends groups of astronauts, engineers and scientists to live in Aquarius, the world’s only undersea research station, for up to three weeks at a time.

International Space Station
The space station provides an orbiting habitat for humans to test technologies and science that will promote future space exploration.
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