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What Are the Space Life Sciences?
The space life sciences study interactions between living organisms and characteristics of the space environment. These studies specifically address the structure and function of living organisms in space and interdependent relationships of organisms with each other and/or the space environment while also touching on the origin, evolution and potential for extraterrestrial life.

The NASA education website serves as a central location for education content, resources, opportunities and updates on space life sciences. The content focuses on but is not limited to the subjects of plants and animals in space, the recycling of matter and consumption of nutrients to support life in space, and the development of environments in space as habitats and ecosystems, as well as the likelihood of finding and/or sustaining life beyond Earth.


  • Provide classroom materials that support teaching topics related to space life sciences.
  • Link to NASA websites for supplemental information on space life sciences.
  • Post up-to-date announcements about space life research.
  • Inform educators and students about NASA's opportunities for students and educators.
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