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Weather Watch

From Weather Stations: National Weather Service Radar Images

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Related Resource
+ NWS Doppler Radar: Introduction
Radar images indicate the intensity of precipitation. Radars are antennas that produce a radio signal and then measure the amount of that signal that is reflected back to the antenna and the amount of time the signal takes to bounce back. Doppler radar can measure wind speed and direction within the storm. Move the curser over the numbered buttons in the image below to find out more about that portion of the image.

Click on the National Weather Service Radar Images link in the box to see NWS radar images. Radar sites located in the United States, Puerto Rico and Guam are indicated by blue dots on maps. Click on a blue dot to see a radar image for the region around the radar station. A new map will open that shows the activity for the region. For example, this radar image of Hastings, Neb., shows a possible storm.

Image above: Sample National Weather Service radar image. Credit: NOAA

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