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Related Sites -- Saturn Rockets and the Apollo Program
September 22, 2010


Student Topic: What Was the Saturn V?
The Saturn V was the NASA rocket that launched humans to the moon.
> Grades K-4
> Grades 5-8

> Saturn V Images
Use the GReat Images In NASA site to view Saturn V images scanned at high-resolution in several sizes.

> Saturn V History
This article by Dr. Wernher von Braun is extracted from the book Apollo Expeditions to the Moon.

> 3-D Saturn V
Download a 3-D image of the Saturn V rocket.

> Saturn/Apollo History Page
This page contains numerous links to documents about the Saturn V rocket and the Apollo program.

Student Topic: What Was the Apollo Program?
In the Apollo program, astronauts walked on the moon and returned safely home.
> Grades K-4
> Grades 5-8

> Apollo 40 Interactive
This site includes animations, videos and images of each Apollo mission.

> Apollo - Humankind's First Steps on the Lunar Surface
Read historical overviews and view images and videos about NASA's historic journey to the moon.

> Apollo Program Interactive Saturn V
This interactive site allows viewers to explore several modules that explain how NASA reached the moon.

> Apollo 11 Image Gallery - Preparing a Moonship
View images of the assembly and rollout of the Saturn V rocket that carried man to his first landing on the moon.

> Apollo Lunar Surface Journal
Read transcripts of journals kept by several Apollo astronauts.

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The Apollo 11 Saturn V launches
The Saturn V rocket was used for the moon landing missions.
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