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June 13, 2011



3-2-1 - Launch! Launch! Launch!
Hundreds of fourth-through sixth-grade students watched as their rockets soared in the seventh annual Intermediate Space Challenge.

Meet the Steely-Eyed Rocket Girls
A first-time team from University of Alabama rises to the challenge of NASA's University Student Launch Initiative.

From a Different View
A participant in a student rocket competition watched launches from inside the Launch Vehicle Data Center in Florida.

From Rockets to Careers: It’s a STEM Thing
Find out how this mentor Doug Knight made an impact on his students’ career paths.

Having a Blast
A veteran of NASA rocket competitions spends his summer at NASA using a high-powered impact gun to improve the safety of space exploration.

A Higher Calling
Rockets built by a group of American Indian college students have a higher purpose.

Life Is Like a Rocket Launch
Soaring into the sky isn't easy, but with a teacher like Shella Condino, students in the small West Texas town of Presidio are bound to succeed.

The Next 'Next Generation'
A NASA opportunity inspired Mississippi college students to inspire middle school students.

Once Upon a Time, There Was a Rocket
A team of young rocket scientists tells the high-flying tale of the rocket they built for NASA's Student Launch Initiative.

Touch the Clouds
High school rocket team members aim for the sky with their rockets and their futures.

Soda-Sized Science
Small sensor payloads provide students with an opportunity for hands-on experience.

Science in the Sky
NASA's Student Launch Initiative involves more than one type of rocket science.


Not According to Plan
A Harding University chemistry professor is leading students in NASA-supported research about rocket plumes and gases on Mars.

Preparing Students for Launch
A NASA chemist is researching propulsion for future missions to the moon and mentoring a student rocket team on the side.

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A man assists a young woman with a rocket
A student and mentor prepare a model rocket for launch.
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