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Browse image galleries, play games, check out simulations, and watch media about rockets and propulsion.

Clouds of exhaust form around a Delta II launch vehicle as it blasts offA Boeing Delta II rocket lights its main engine and nine solid-fueled boosters. Image Credit: NASA


Rocket Launches
See historic photographs of Voyager, Mercury, Delta, Apollo and space shuttle launches.

Rocket Gallery
This gallery presents images of rockets used by NASA to launch a variety of payloads into orbit.

Interactive Features

Screenshot of the Rocket Builder gameDesign your own fleet of rockets. Image Credit: NASA

NASA Kids' Club Rocket Builder Game
Students in grades K-4 will enjoy this interactive game where they can build a fleet of rockets.

Design an Ion Engine
Play games to learn about electric charges and their behaviors and design an ion engine.

We Choose the Moon
Relive Apollo 11's mission to the moon minute by minute, with an interactive site that uses archival audio, video and photos.

Rocket Science 101
This interactive site shows the basic parts of launch vehicles, how they are configured and how they work together to launch a NASA spacecraft.

Launch It
Select astronauts, rockets, payloads and goals to see which historical mission you will launch.

Bottle Rocket Simulator
Experiment with different rocket designs and compare the altitudes that your rockets travel.

AtmosModel Simulator
Investigate changes in the atmosphere and how those changes affect aerodynamic variables on rockets.

Ion enginePlay games such as "Design an Ion Engine" in the interactive section. Image Credit: NASA

Rocket Thrust Simulator
Investigate how a rocket nozzle produces thrust by changing the values of the factors that affect thrust.

Rocket Modeler
Change the variables of shape, size, materials, etc., to see the effects they have on the flight of the rocket.

Booster Staging
Use an online simulator to investigate how rocket staging occurs.

Flight to Orbit
Investigate the circular orbit equation using an online calculator.

Gimbaled Thrust
Use this online simulation to investigate the motion of a rocket as the nozzle is gimbaled.

Air Rocket Launch
Simulate the launch of a rocket powered by air pressure.


America's New Paths in Space
A half century since it launched the first American to orbit, NASA has begun a new era of space exploration by embarking on two parallel paths of future spaceflight.

We Are the Explorers
Why do humans explore? Simply put, it is part of who we are, and it is something we have done throughout history. Take a look at that tradition of reaching just beyond our grasp and how it is helping us lay the foundation for our greatest journeys ahead.

Space Shuttle Rap Video
Listen up! Are you ready for the countdown? Check out this music video to learn about space shuttle history.

Launching Our Dreams: A Shuttle Retrospective
This is a tribute to NASA's Space Shuttle Program and its 30 year history.

NASA and You
NASA and You inspires and engages Hispanic students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM. This site features videos and information in both Spanish and English.

STS-132 Ascent Highlights
This music video features launch highlights from the STS-132 mission.

The History of Rocketry and Space Travel Video
This video segment provides an historical overview of manned rocket flights.

Hands-On Rocket Activity Video
Students explain how to test baking soda- and vinegar-powered rockets for optimum performance.

Launching Rockets
This video provides a fascinating tour behind the scenes of NASA's Launch Services Program.

The Rocketmen
Hear about the first experiments that led to the making of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

NASA for Kids: Intro to Engineering
What is engineering and who exactly is an engineer? Learn more in this video!


Rocket Roll Motion
Observe how a rocket rotates around its center of gravity.

Pitch Motion
Observe how the nose cone of a rocket moves up or down on its pitch axis.

Model Rocket Engine Performance
Watch a computer animation of the movement of the flame front for a typical model rocket engine.

Clint BlackAccording to country music star Clint Black, launches remind him of something: himself. Image Credit: NASA

Podcasts and Vodcasts

NASA/NOAA GOES-O Behind the Scenes With A Rocket Scientist
Chief Engineer Russel Taub explains how a Delta IV rocket launches.

Resonance: Clint Black on the Power of Acoustics
Country musician Clint Black explains how acoustics applies to guitars and rockets.

Why can't an airplane just fly into space? Why do we need rockets?
Listen as Dr. Marc explains how rockets and airplanes are different.

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