ROVER -- A game for two players

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ROVER -- A game for two players

Set up an obstacle course using objects such as chairs and stools, and try this fun game. The player will navigate a human robot around the obstacles and learn about the intricacies of programming a robot.

Objective of the game: Use verbal commands to guide a human robot around different obstacles without bumping into objects. At the end of the obstacle course, a player will command the robot to drop a ball into a container.


  • Blindfold
  • Container
  • Baseball or tennis ball
  1. Choose one player to be the robot.
  2. The second player will control the robot.
  3. Place the blindfold securely on the robot.
  4. Give the ball to the robot.
  5. Set up a small obstacle course using furniture. You may arrange pieces of paper on the floor to create an obstacle course.
  6. The robot will follow verbal instructions given by the controller to move along the prescribed course and then deposit the ball in the container.
  7. The robot cannot talk and must follow the directions exactly as given.
  8. After the robot has successfully put the ball in the container, the robot and controller switch roles and try again.

Safety Hint:
If the controller sees the robot headed toward something that could cause an injury, stop the game immediately.

Exact Hints:
Controller Hint: Use detailed instructions "Turn body right," not "turn right." Give exact number of steps.
Robot Hint: Do exactly as you are told. For instance, do not stop unless you are instructed to stop. Do not raise your arm unless you are told to.

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