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NASA University Research Center Faculty Honored
Dr. Helen Ryaciotaki-Boussalis

Dr. Helen Ryaciotaki-Boussalis is a professor in the electrical engineering department and director of the NASA University Research Center at California State University, Los Angeles. Image Credit: NASA

Three NASA University Research Center project faculty members were honored recently by NASA's Chief Information Officer for having harnessed innovation in their NASA-related research.

Helen Ryaciotaki-Boussalis, Ph.D., from California State University, Los Angeles; Ahsan Choudhuri, Ph.D., from the University of Texas at El Paso; and Thomas Strybel, Ph.D., from California State University, Long Beach, were cited for their information technology innovations at the annual Information Technology Summit held in August in San Francisco.

NASA CIO Linda Cureton, who presented the awards, hosted the open-forum summit that allowed NASA, other federal agencies, industry and academia an opportunity to exchange ideas, share best practices and learn what is cutting edge in IT.

Ryaciotaki-Broussallis received the Facility Research Award for her presentation, "SPACE: Structures, Propulsion, And Control Engineering Center." She has been pivotal in successes with the university's research laboratories' information servers, through which technical information, educational materials, engineering simulations and animation of large-scale complex systems are disseminated.

Choudhuri was recognized for heading implementation of URC project management, safety and quality assurance at the University of Texas at El Paso, with an emphasis on technical data formed into a cohesive electronic data management system. He discussed "Bridging Industry Best Practices in Project Management and Safety Assurance to Academic Propulsion Research" in his presentation at the IT summit.

Strybel's presentation, "A Distributed Networked Capability for Simulations of Current Day and NexGen Airspace Environments," received honorable mention. The Federal Aviation Administration and NASA are leading an effort to develop the United States' next-generation air traffic management system, which would improve the nation’s air traffic control system by making travel more convenient, dependable and safe.

NASA's University Research Centers are funded through the NASA Office of Education. They comprise a group of minority institutions specializing in multidisciplinary studies in science and engineering. The centers provide broad-based, competitive, NASA-related research capability through the nations' minority institutions, fostering new aerospace science and technology concepts.

"Innovation is a hallmark of the University Research Centers project, as it can be found on all 13 campuses of URC host institutions," said NASA's URC program manager Katrina Emery. "I'm extremely proud and congratulate the three principal investigators. Recognition of these honorees provides only a snapshot of what is replicated throughout the project."

For information on the summit and copies of the presentations, go to http://www.nasa.gov/offices/ocio/itsummit/presentations_2011.html.

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Leslie Williams/NASA Dryden Public Affairs
Katrina Emery/NASA Dryden Office of Education