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  • Don Pettit

    Letters to Earth  →

    Astronaut Don Pettit arrived at the space station on Dec. 23, 2011. Read his journal entries as he documents his time on the orbiting laboratory.

  • Orion Flight Test Crew Module

    Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle

    See videos and articles about NASA's next manned spacecraft.

  • Orion: Factory to Flight

    Orion: From Factory to Flight

    NASA is making steady progress on building the Orion spacecraft, which will take astronauts deeper into space than ever before.

  • Two men in clean room suits look at a space telescope mirror

    Applied Engineering and Technology Interns  →

    Interns at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center share their stories of how they spent their summer at NASA.

  • Students Jesse Palmer and Andre Marks Burnier verify presence of a gene necessary for power cell project.

    NASA-Supported Student Team Wins iGEM Contest

    12.13.11 - A team of nine undergraduate students from Brown and Stanford universities understood this potential and visited NASA’s Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif., last summer, to make the first contributions of synthetic biology to human space exploration and sustained colonization as members of a combined Brown-Stanford team.

  • A close-up view of a large crater-covered asteroid

    2012 and the End of Days Phenomena  →

    Join Dr. Don Yeomans on Dec. 8-9, 2011, in Pasadena, Calif., for two free lectures. Or watch the live webcast online.

  • Dr. Helen Ryaciotaki-Boussalis

    NASA University Research Center Faculty Honored

    11.04.11 - Astronauts use computers and models of the shuttle to practice using robotic arms in space.

  • Leonard Druyan and Crae Sosa sitting at a desk with a computer

    Unlikely Chemical Engineer

    11.02.11 - Studying chemistry was not on NASA intern Crae Sosa's radar in high school. But chemical engineering is the right fit for him now.

  • LSU students look over Launch Pad 39B

    Students Examine Launch Pad for Flame Trench Model

    10.24.11 - A team of Louisiana State University students are preparing to build a model flame trench to help Kennedy find a protective coating.

  • Hispanic Engineering, Science, and Technology Conference banner

    Spreading the STEM Message by Example  →

    NASA puts focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics at the Hispanic Engineering, Science, and Technology Conference.

  • What on Earth? logo

    What On Earth? Blog  →

    NASA has more earth scientists on staff than any other institution in the world. Get a glimpse of earth science taking place at NASA.

  • People in flight suits float in an aircraft while working at a keyboard

    Shaping Careers and Colleges

    10.12.2011 - Everyone knows a competition can be a wonderful experience, but sometimes it can change a career and a curriculum.

  • Portraits of six interns

    Hispanic Heritage Month  →

    NASA's Undergraduate Student Research Project celebrates diversity by highlighting interns with Hispanic heritage.

  • Luis Huizar

    Ground Water Sustainability and Climate Change

    10.05.11 - A NASA Space Grant internship shifted Luis Huizar's interest from the chemistry lab to computer modeling focusing on potable water for future generations.

  • Astronaut Suni Williams eats a meal with chopsticks on the space station

    Blog: A Lab Aloft  →

    Keep up with the ongoing research taking place on the International Space Station with this blog run by the team of scientists behind the research.

  • Three students with a laser scanner

    Sizing Up Space Exploration

    09.21.11 - Students from Navajo Technical College in New Mexico assist NASA with laser scanning techniques.

  • Fragile Oasis logo

    Fragile Oasis  →

    Founded by NASA astronaut Ron Garan, this site features blogs and projects to inspire people to improve life on our planet. Get involved and make a positive impact!

  • A group of students holding a yellow rocket in a field

    Don't Let Inexperience Stop You From Flying

    08.24.11 - This college team didn't let inexperience keep them from trying something new.

  • Damaris Sarria

    NASA Pipeline Success Stories  →

    Visit this site to read profiles of people who started in education projects at NASA's Johnson Space Center and are now working for NASA full-time as a civil servants or contractors.

  • A gathering of 280 summer interns, mentors and alumni of the LARSS program

    A Celebration LARSS' Past, NASA's Future

    They came to celebrate the last 25 years of the Langley Aerospace Research Summer Scholars program, but also to talk of the agency's next 25 years.