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  • Tereasa Washington, director of the Marshall Center's Office of Human Capital, displays the award

    NASA's Marshall Center Honored for Support of HBCU's

    08.18.09 - NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., has been selected as a 2009 Top Supporter of Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority-Serving Institutions.

  • Astronaut Jeffrey Williams performs a test of the Capillary Flow Experiment Investigation

    Space Station Research Summary

    08.04.09 - Learn more about the science being conducted on the International Space Station.

  • Astronaut James P. Irwin on the moon

    Teaching Geology to Apollo Astronauts  →

    07.21.09 - To prepare for their work on the moon, Apollo astronauts did many field exercises and built a common language with geologists.

  • Free Spirit logo

    Free Spirit  →

    07.21.09 - The Mars Exploration Rover Spirit has become stuck in the Martian soil. Keep up with the latest efforts to free Spirit so it can continue to explore the Red Planet.

  • Artist's concept of the big bang

    Space Systems Engineering  →

    07.14.09 - Visit the Space Systems Engineering Web site to find materials designed for the three-credit-hour prerequisite to the senior-level capstone spacecraft/mission design course.

  • Mark Polansky

    Shuttle Commander Tweets, Takes Questions in Space

    STS-127 Commander Mark Polansky invited his Twitter followers to submit questions that he answered from orbit during his mission.

  • Artist's concept of the LCROSS impactor hitting the moon

    Moon Missions Blog  →

    06.30.09 - Read updates from the scientists and engineers behind the LRO and LCROSS missions that are studying the moon.

  • Earth and moon

    Free Lecture: Exploring the Moon  →

    06.16.09 - Join Dr. Leon Alkalai on July 16-17, 2009, in Pasadena, Calif., for two free lectures about the future of human exploration of the moon. Or watch the live webcast online.

  • artist concept of Kepler in space

    Let the Planet Hunt Begin

    05.13.09 - NASA's Kepler spacecraft has begun its search for other Earth-like worlds.

  • NASA logo

    Now Accepting Proposals  →

    NASA is accepting proposals in response to the "Global Climate Change Education: Research Experiences, Teaching & Learning" Cooperative Agreement Notice.

  • Region showing active star formation

    Free Lecture: The Really Big Picture  →

    06.02.09 - Join astrophysicist Dr. Charles R. Lawrence on June 11-12, 2009, in Pasadena, Calif., for two free lectures about the universe. Or watch the live webcast online.

  • NASA Releases 3-D Views of Space Station and Rover

    05.19.09 - NASA has released an interactive, 3-D photographic collection of the International Space Station and a model of the next Mars rover.

  • Aleksandr Aravkin standing beside a robot

    Exploring the Future

    05.12.09 - Students prepare for their careers while working on future missions in NASA's Exploration Systems Mission Directorate.

  • Diagram of the Hubble Space Telescope

    HubbleSite: The Telescope  →

    05.05.09 - Learn more about how Hubble works and the people behind it.

  • Astronaut Mike Massimino

    Twitter Feed: Astronaut Mike Massimino

    04.21.09 - Follow astronaut Mike Massimino as he tweets about his training leading up to the STS-125 mission to the Hubble Space Telescope.

  • An artist's concept of one of the STEREO spacecraft

    STEREO Hunts for Remains of Ancient Planet Near Earth  →

    04.28.09 - NASA's twin STEREO probes are searching for remains of an ancient planet that once orbited the sun not far from Earth. If they find anything, it could solve a major puzzle -- the origin of the moon.

  • Benson holds a baseball in the air.

    Glenn Engineer Puts a NASA Spin on Baseball

    04.06.09 - Tom Benson teaches students the physics of flight by comparing airplanes and rockets to baseball.

  • A black and white image of a spacesuit lying on a table

    NASA Material

    04.07.09 - NASA intern Vasana Maneeratana applied her education in materials engineering to the James Webb Space Telescope and the future of spacesuits.

  • Vernon Morris sits by equipment aboard the ship

    Sea for Himself

    03.17.09 - Former NASA Administrator's Fellow Vernon Morris follows up on earlier studies during his voyage on a research vessel.

  • Astronaut Michael Foale suits up before the STS-103 launch.

    'Suit Yourself' is Easier Said Than Done

    12.22.08 - On launch day, a space shuttle astronaut's first challenge isn't handling the force of liftoff or adjusting to microgravity -- it's getting dressed.