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Reduced-Gravity Student Flight Opportunities
Student working on an experiment on the KC-135
The challenge of working in microgravity

Give your students experience in leadership and team building as they participate in NASA's KC-135 Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program. Students can work with NASA to fly and test their own experiments in the microgravity environment of a specially equipped aircraft. The deadline for proposals is October 20, 2003 for this year's participants.

The flights take place from Ellington Field in Houston, Texas, and teams are selected in a proposal process through the Microgravity University Office at NASA Johnson Space Flight Center. The competition will accommodate up to 72 teams per year.

Participants must be U.S. citizens and registered full-time students at an accredited U.S. university. All teams travel to Ellington Field in Houston, Texas, for two weeks to participate in Flight Readiness Reviews and then flight. Teams are required after their flights to implement an education and outreach plan.

Students will propose, design, fabricate, fly and evaluate a reduced-gravity experiment of their choice over the course of six months. The overall experience includes scientific research, hands-on experimental design, test operations and educational/public outreach activities.

Students working on computers on the KC-135
Students working on their experiment inside the KC-135

A maximum of 4 flyers per team are allowed on the aircraft. A student team contact person must be designated to serve as the liaison between NASA/JSC and the team. The team contact is responsible for keeping all team members (including faculty, NASA advisor, journalist) informed of program activities and announcements and responding in a timely manner to all requests for information.

Visit the Web site for information about the proposal process, medical requirements, pictures, contacts at NASA, dates, times, and places.

Reduced-Gravity Student Flight Opportunities
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