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NASA Opportunities for Visionary Academics (NOVA)
NASA Opportunities for Visionary Academics
NOVA will facilitate change in higher education to enhance science, mathematics and technology literacy of pre-service teachers
NOVA was created to develop and disseminate a national framework for enhancing science, mathematics and technology literacy for preservice teachers in the 21st century. The lead institutions of the NOVA consortium, the University of Alabama, Fayetteville State University, and the University of Idaho, and a network of 89 other member institutions, are working to produce enhanced scientific literacy for preservice teachers. This effort is being accomplished through the demonstration of an undergraduate science and mathematics course framework, examples of successful course models, and a mentoring support system for faculty wishing to implement new courses or modify existing courses at their universities.

The framework uses interactive learning and integrates science, mathematics and technology as a means of developing a new paradigm for educating preservice teachers.

NOVA invites the participation of science, engineering, technology, mathematics, and education faculty who are concerned with how universities prepare new teachers. Using the NASA mission, facilities, and resources, NOVA will provide faculty with enhanced knowledge and skills to implement change in university courses.


  • Disseminate the NOVA pre-service education model nationally to a diverse population of higher education institutions, addressing critical concerns for equity and geographic distribution.

  • Continue development of the NOVA pre-service education model aligned with NASA's Strategic Enterprises and the national standards and benchmarks for science, mathematics and technology.

  • Sustain the change process by mentoring workshop participants and collaborating with NOVA partner institutions (grant recipients).

  • Increase the collaboration among the NOVA partner institutions by providing a forum to exchange innovative ideas for change in preservice education.

  • Stimulate and conduct research and evaluation on the effectiveness of NOVA's pre-service education model.

Interdisciplinary teams of faculty wishing to participate in a workshop must complete an application and have access to interactive technologies and the Internet for classroom use. An interdisciplinary team must consist of faculty from two or more colleges or disciplines who demonstrate a willingness and ability to work together.

Once a university team has successfully completed a workshop, it will be eligible to submit a proposal to develop and implement a course for preservice teachers. This course must address national standards and benchmark guidelines for precollege teachers and must integrate math, science and technology.

Strategic Plan for 2000-2004

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