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NASA People at Work
NASA employees at work
NASA is an investment in America's future. As explorers, pioneers, and innovators, we boldly expand frontiers in air and space to inspire and serve America and to benefit the quality of life on Earth. One of our most valued investments is our employees. NASA encourages the country's most talented citizens to become a part of NASA as it achieves its mission: To understand and protect our home planet; To explore the Universe and search for life; To inspire the next generation of explorers. . . as only NASA can.

The NASA Jobs Web site will allow you to search and apply for jobs at NASA, create and submit your resume, subscribe to the job notification service, and update or change your personal profile and account information. Some of the categories for the Web site include:

Search Job - The NASA Jobs Web site has a sophisticated job search feature that allows you to look using a keyword search, or search jobs by NASA centers or job category.

Resume Builder - With Resume Builder, you can create an online resume that will allow you to update and change information in real time.

Job Information - Includes information on How to Apply, Recruitment Calendars, Benefits, Pay, and more. All of these will help you in deciding if NASA is the right place for you and if you have the qualifications that NASA is looking for.

Astronaut - If you’re interested in becoming an Astronaut (including Payload Specialists and Mission Specialists) or Educator Astronaut, this Web site will give you all the necessary information to get started in the application process.

The NASA Jobs Web site has a sophisticated Search feature as well that gives you the opportunity to easily find what you’re looking for. There are also links to additional resources.

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