An image of Earth with the words POLAR-PALOOZA superimposed over a picture of an icy landscape

The POLAR-PALOOZA tour has dates scheduled nationwide through November 2008. Image Credit: POLAR-PALOOZA

The hottest event in town is ice cold.

POLAR-PALOOZA is bringing the poles to life through "chilling" stories told by polar scientists. Before the year is out, more than a dozen cities will be treated to POLAR-PALOOZA's feature presentation, "Stories From a Changing Planet."

Using high-definition video and authentic props, such as a piece of ice core more than 3,000 years old, researchers and Arctic residents will visit museums and science centers to communicate the excitement of polar science to students, educators, museum volunteers, news media and others.

No tour stops near you? The POLAR-PALOOZA Web site has a variety of multimedia resources to explain the importance of the polar areas and to clear up misconceptions some people may have about them. The Web site includes:
--Video podcasts featuring research expeditions.
--Scientist biographies.
--"Amazing but true" polar facts.
--Classroom activities.
--Links to webcams.
--Sound clips of penguins, seals, waves and breaking ice.
Sponsored by the National Science Foundation and NASA, POLAR-PALOOZA is produced by Passport to Knowledge and is an official activity of the International Polar Year.

IPY is a coordinated effort by the international science and education communities to learn more about the polar regions and their role in global processes. The campaign is also intended to attract a new generation of scientists and engineers with the skills and imagination to tackle complex global issues.

POLAR-PALOOZA'S interactive activities support NASA's goal to increase science and technology literacy among students, educators, families and the public.

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