NASA Resources for Your Classroom
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Start the school year off with NASA educational resources. Credit: NASA

Imagine Mars! (Grades K-8) -- Are you looking for a flexible introduction to science content that combines arts, science, social studies, and technology standards, along with digital-age skills? Imagine Mars! is perfect for interdisciplinary activities in the lower grades. You can lead your students in imagining a community on Mars. You can introduce concepts such as sustainable living and future STEM careers that make any community thrive -- here on Earth or beyond!

No Boundaries (Grades 7-12) -- This team competition is a partnership between NASA and USA Today that encourages students to explore careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The Universe -- Yours to Discover -- IYA Discovery Guides help students discover the excitement of the International Year of Astronomy. Resources include materials featuring the planets and their moons.

Hands-on Math Applications for the Real World -- With NASA Smart Skies, students use distance-rate-time relationships and proportional reasoning to solve realistic air traffic control problems using a free online simulator. Engaging videos, student workbooks and teacher guides are included. All materials are free and available online.

Mars Student Imaging (Middle School) -- Your students can be among the first humans on Earth to see a new picture of Mars that they took by using a camera on a Mars orbiter. Learning the scientific method, your students will design their own research question using inquiry-based, scaffolded materials, and then analyze their own findings. This opportunity is authentic discovery at its best. Mars is the engagement "hook," but students will walk away with a fundamental understanding of standards-aligned Earth science processes.

"Reading, Writing & Rings!" Cassini Equinox Mission: Language Arts/Science (Grades 1-4) -- Two R's -- reading and 'riting -- get some help from the next letter of the alphabet in a learning resource that uses Saturn as a launching point for language arts activities. "Reading, Writing & Rings!" is a set of lessons for grades 1-4 that enhance basic communication skills through scientific exploration and the Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn, a cooperative effort between NASA, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency.

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