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NASA Einstein Fellows
February 23, 2012


In classrooms across the country are the students that will become the next generation of scientists, engineers and explorers. And at the front of these classrooms are the educators who are inspiring these future leaders.

Each year the federal government invites a small group of these educators to temporarily leave the classroom and work among the nation's policymakers to build a bridge of cooperation between them and the science, mathematics and technology education community.

These educators are part of the Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship Program. Highly qualified mathematics and science teachers are selected to bring their extensive knowledge and classroom experience to the federal government. These educators provide practical insights and real-world perspectives to policy makers and program managers developing or managing educational programs. Teachers also gain a new understanding of national education issues.

Selected teachers spend a school year in a congressional office, the Department of Energy, or a federal agency, including the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and NASA.

While at NASA, Einstein Fellows make an impact on the direction and future of NASA education initiatives by supporting a variety of education efforts both in the mission directorates and agencywide. The fellowships also impact the direction and the future of the teachers. Here is a look at the impact of a few NASA fellows and an update on where they are now.

2014 Einstein Fellows
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2013 Einstein Fellows
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2011 Einstein Fellows
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2010 Einstein Fellows
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›  Read Jenay Leach Interview
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2009 Einstein Fellows
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2008 Einstein Fellows
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2006 Einstein Fellows
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2005 Einstein Fellows
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2002 Einstein Fellows
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Jenay Sharp Leach
Jenay Sharp Leach uses a shuttle tire segment during a training for museum educators on a new NASA education resource.
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Jenay Sharp Leach
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