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Key Topic: Equations of Motion

Students will learn about the parabolic flights of NASA's C9 jet - the Weightless Wonder, as they use equations of motion to derive a solution to a real life problem.

Students will
  • use trigonometric ratios to find vertical and horizontal components of a velocity vector;
  • derive a formula describing height of a parabola in terms of time;
  • determine vertical and horizontal displacement of trajectory motion; and
  • analyze data to derive a solution to a real life problem.

› Weightless Wonder Educator Edition (PDF 295 KB)
› Weightless Wonder Student Edition (PDF 301 KB)

Files for use with the TI-Nspireā„¢
› Weightless Wonder TI_Nspire Educator Edition (PDF 403 KB)
› Weightless Wonder TI_Nspire Student Edition (PDF 233 KB)
Note: The following files are software specific files for Texas Instrument Nspire calculators.
› Weightless Wonder TI_Nspire Document (TNS 155 KB)
› Weightless Wonder TI_Nspire Document w/ Solutions (TNS 156 KB)

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