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Key Topic: Equations of Motion and Force

Students will apply equations of motion and force to solve for unknowns in this real world application about human exploration missions to the Moon.

Students will
  • choose a coordinate system best suited to the problem;
  • apply equations of motion and force to solve for unknowns;
  • determine magnitude and direction of vectors; and
  • calculate a spring constant.

> Lunar Landing Educator Edition (PDF 317 KB)
> Lunar Landing Student Edition (PDF 326 KB)

Files for use with the TI-Nspireā„¢
› Lunar Landing TI_Nspire Educator Edition (PDF 323 KB)
› Lunar Landing TI_Nspire Student Edition (PDF 188 KB)
Note: The following files are software specific files for Texas Instrument Nspire calculators.
› Lunar Landing TI_Nspire Document (TNS 139 KB)
› Lunar Landing TI_Nspire Document w/ Solutions (TNS 138 KB)