Winter's Story
Group photo of participants on the stairs outside a building

Educators attending the Winter's Story workshop pose for a picture.
Snow-covered mountains

Yellowstone National Park offers beautiful scenic views of the snow-capped Rocky Mountains.
Teachers sitting at a table working with computers in a classroom

Winter's Story workshop participants enter weather data into the Student Observation Network online database.
Teachers standing and holding models of Earth made of Styrofoam balls and dowel rods

Winter's Story educators do an activity about how sunlight affects the seasons.
A buffalo standing in the snow

Many wild animals, such as buffalo, make their home in Yellowstone National Park.
Educators using a wooden yardstick and aluminum can to measure snow

Educators at the Winter's Story workshop research climate and weather by making observations of the snow in Yellowstone National Park.
Trees and snow-covered mountains with hikers in foreground

Yellowstone National Park offers visitors beautiful views of winter.
Phil Farnes using a scientific measuring tool in the snow

Winter's Story presenter Phil Farnes uses a spring scale snow tube to measure the amount of water in snow.
Educators sitting and digging in snow

A group of educators at the Winter's Story workshop dig a snow pit.
An educator standing on a snow-covered, wooden bridge

A Winter's Story participant stands on a snow-covered bridge enjoying the sights at Yellowstone National Park.
An educator wearing coat, hat and gloves digs in the snow

An educator at the Winter's Story workshop uses a small shovel to dig a snow pit.
Snow-covered terraces

The Yellowstone Terraces are step-like terraces formed as heated water moves along the Morris-Mammoth Fault.
Colorful light patterns surround crystals in a Petri dish

Winter's Story educators made crystals in a way similar to how ice and snow form in nature.